Labour Day, Do you celebrate it right?

imageToday is September 5th 2016, Labour Day. This is the first year that I have actually taken the time to think about what today really means, and how thankful we should be to be able to celebrate this day. I came to write this post today after getting an email from someone named Cole Hatter, whom I have not yet met but who has helped change my way of thinking over the past year, which I will get into in another post. The email just said that he wanted to wish me a happy Labour Day and how thankful he was to be able to celebrate it because there are many countries who don’t have that option, and who don’t even have the option to be able to work let alone have rights and liberties while working. This email triggered me to write this post.

Every day when I wake up, I say thank you, for my wife and children, friends and family, my beautiful home, my health and for the amazing country that I am able to live in. I haven’t actually related that back to labour day until today when I received that email but I really do feel like we are SOOOO blessed to be able to live in one of if not the best country in the world. How is it that we were lucky enough to have been given this chance, and there are literally hundreds of millions, if not billions of people who live in absolute hardship compared to us.

Many people here complain about how difficult their job is, or how poorly they are treated because the got busy and missed a 15 minute break, or had to stay late or for whatever reason. And I’m not saying that I haven’t also done that because I have, on many occasions. What I’m getting at is that when those times come that we want to complain about how difficult we have things, those are the times that we need to stop and think about those who aren’t lucky enough to even have the opportunity to work, or learn, or have a cold shower, or sit in traffic, or have a bad meal.

Today is here for us to say “Thank you”, to those people who gave us this great place that we call home. It’s also here so that we can appreciate how important it is that we do work to the best of our ability doing something that we love, because those things are available to us and if we squander them, than maybe they would be better off in the hands of those people who actually know what true hardship is. So next time that you see an immigrant to this beautiful country who is working 18 hours a day or who may be more successful than you, I hope that you will take a moment to reflect back to this. Remind yourself that maybe that person came from a place where there was no work, or cars, or running water and because they were given the great opportunity to come here, they are going to do every thing that they can not to lose it. And I hope that remembering that will add fuel to a fire within you, to ensure that you are always being the best person that you can be.

Happy Labour Day!

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