Can Crying Heal Your Heart?

How often do you actually cry? I don’t mean shedding a tear when the music is just right during the most emotional part of your favorite movie. But when was the last time that you really had a cry which involved sobbing, tears, runny nose, and deep gasps for breath? I had gone years without crying because I thought that I was supposed to be strong, hold it in and push it back. I’ve strayed from those times and now I try to embrace my tears if and when they show up.

I recently built a house for my family and I (two years ago). During that time it was a non-stop push to get done. I wasn’t done working on the house until dark or later, I would drive 20 minutes to say goodnight to my wife and kids, take a shower and then come back to stay in an RV in the yard so I could get more work done. The RV had no water/washroom so I had to use the jobsite porta potty outside, the heater was out of propane, I often had no power due to the small electric heaters popping the breakers. I was alone, and I was there from September until January in Canada so some nights dropped down fairly cold. I’m not exactly sure what the tipping point was, but I do know that by the  last month, I would ball my eyes out at least 4 times a week. Stress will do that to a person, if we don’t have ways to let stress out, then our body has no choice but to force it out in which ever way it can.

By letting ourselves cry once in a while, we allow many of the stresses that we carry around to get out from inside of us. When we cry, we release hormones that are acting as toxins in our bodies built up by stress of some sort. So even though, as a man especially, we have be programed to try to keep our tears in, don’t. Embrace whatever feelings you have. If you are happy, then you don’t try to refrain from smiling do you? So why do we need to keep ourselves from showing when we are upset. Let your tears come. Cry during a sad movie. Yell at the top of your lungs sometimes. Laugh a big gut wrenching laugh. Our emotions are one of the biggest things that differ us from most other animals on this planet so accept them all as they come.

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