What to do when you reach your goals.

Have you set goals for yourself or your family? How big are those goals? Are they reachable at all or can they be reached fairly easily? Have you ever accomplished a major goal and then asked yourself, “What’s next?”. All of these questions are things that we need to look at regularly and adjust just as frequently.


The biggest goal that I had set for myself thus far had been to design and build my own home. Within a month of reaching that goal, I knew that something in my life needed to change. Not because I wasn’t happy with my accomplishment, but because I needed to have something to be working towards. When we set our goals, it’s important to take some things into consideration. We need to understand that a goal isn’t just something that once we reach, we will become immensely happy and stay content for the rest of our lives. It isn’t the actual goal that is the important part, yet the journey that we take to reach that goal. We need to make our goal small enough that it should be possible to accomplish one day but also large enough that we have something to work towards for the next five to ten years possibly.

When we set goals that might take ten years to reach, we need to realize that there is a pretty good chance that our circumstances will change, we will change, and therefor our goals will have to change as well. It’s important to know that it’s okay for things to change. Actually it a good thing that we change because otherwise we become complacent and don’t progress as we should. Ten years is a long time to be striving towards something so we need to make smaller goals that we can accomplish along the way to help keep us on track. Breaking down your main goal into smaller things you will need to do in order to reach it will help push you along and get you into the place that you need to be.

When it came to building my house, I knew that I would have to have a certain amount of equity to be able to put into it before I would be able to get started. So by breaking my larger goal down, I was able to work towards increasing my pay enough to get to a point where I could then start planning the process of building my house. Sometimes it can be difficult to really see the path that’s needed but as long as we can continue to keep our main goal in the back of our mind, then no matter what path you are taking, as long as you are slowly moving forward then you will reach your goal. The whole point is to be able to look back to see how far you have come from the beginning and how much work you actually put into getting to where you wanted to be.

Growth and experience are really what all of our goals should be, but by coming up with something that is tangible to be able to work towards, then we will always be growing and gaining experience as we move in that direction. Right now I’m not exactly sure what my next 10 year goal is but I am continuing to learn about as much as possible so that once I do figure out what I want, I will already have laid a foundation of how to get there and it will just be a matter of taking the steps towards my new journey.



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