3 Days That Changed My Life

It was a little over a week ago when I had the opportunity to go to San Diego and attend an event called Thrive: Make Money Matter. It was the first weekend long conference I have been to and only my second all together but I have to say, my life was changed even after the first day. I had purchased a one way ticket in hopes to travel around California for a couple of days before coming home, but little did I know what kind of impact this weekend had in store for me. Going to California to learn how to surf has been something I have wanted to do for most of my life, so not taking advantage of it while I was so close would almost seem heart wrenching, but I really didn’t mind missing out. After just the first of the three day event, all that I could think about was how important my family is and that I would rather be spending the time with them, then trying to enjoy the experience without them. California will always be there, my family may not be.

The whole concept of the weekend was based around learning how to increase your success while using that success to make an impact in the world. I had never experienced anything like it, to be around so many generous, driven, like minded people, was so refreshing. I felt like I was on a weekend long high; filled with content, enthusiasm, and a thirst for knowledge. I have never really been great at meeting new people but there, I had nothing to worry about. It was like everywhere I turned, I would bump into someone who just wanted to talk and interact and dive deep into someone else’s life in hopes that they might be able to help out in one way or another. I was right in my element. Over the course of the weekend it was pounded into us by  successful millionaires, influencers and philanthropists, how important our goals are to have, and how much more important it is to start taking action towards those goals. Everyone has a vision of where they want to be or what they want to accomplish but very rarely do they start to work towards making that vision a reality.

Less than a week after getting home from San Diego, I have made so many changes to start on the path to my goals. First thing that I did: Set up some ground rules for myself to make sure that I am enjoying and being grateful for my family and the things that I  already have. Making sure that I am being 100% present for them, instead of physically being with them and only being 50% present. Second, with the support of my wife, we have began to organize a New Years Eve Gala to raise money for an organization called Charity: Water, which brings clean water to poor communities around the world. Our goal is to raise $20 000 by the end of the year. Third and probably the biggest change that I have made since being back is that I gave my notice at work, so after the end of the month I will be working for myself. I didn’t have much of a plan of how to supplement my income but I know that I can make it work. I have been telling so many people how important it is to step out of their comfort zone and to do something that will make them happy. If I don’t live by that principle myself then I’m just being a hypocrite, so I took the leap, and even though it may be a little scary, it’s refreshing to be able to say that I will be working for myself and can work as much or a little as I please to have the lifestyle that works best for my family.

So one last thing before I sign off, no matter what it is that you are doing in your life, try to make sure that you are doing it with all of your heart. Everyone has their own wave that they are meant to surf, so whatever wave you ride, do it with passion, do it with pride, and make sure that it fulfills your needs, if it doesn’t then find a new wave to try. We won’t always succeed at everything that we try, but trying is a hell of a lot better than sitting on the side watching everyone else. And the more times we try, the better the chances are that we will succeed.

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