A Common Theme

Over the past year or two, I have read more books than all of the rest of life combined and it has been the most transformative time I have experienced. Reading hasn’t been the only cause of my personal transformation, but it has definitely been the most influential. Reading has allowed me to see beyond the wall that we are all faced with everyday. The wall that always looks the same and we always want to climb over but we never gain the courage to do so. I have been able to scale the wall and so far, although I haven’t quite made it all the way over, I love everything I see on the other side.

Since I have began my journey and have been reading, I have noticed a few common themes that so many successful people reiterate over and over again. I’m not sure if they have always seemed like common sense but as of right now, after seeing them so many times, it feels like if anyone is not following these things then they are far behind and will be stuck there for some time. I still have trouble sometimes being able to change my ways to do things the way that I know I should be doing them but I think that as long as the effort is there, then everything will fall into place as it was meant to be.

Probably the most common theme that I have seen as of late is having a plan or a schedule, a daily ritual or list of things that you need to do. Everything that I read, listen to, or watch has some variation of making sure that you live and die by your routines, schedules and lists. Write EVERYTHING down and stick to it. If you want to be able to optimize  your time to be the most efficient, then keeping on a schedule is the most important. We need to write out exactly how our day is going to go right down to every 15 minutes if need be, but writing it all down will give us something to look at and stick to; otherwise, anything can change and nothing will get done. I’ve also included keeping your routine with this because they are almost one in the same. Having a routine will allow you to start each morning and end each day in the best possible way. If you make sure that you are always doing the exact same thing when you wake up, and before going to bed, then you will know that no matter what happens in the middle, you will come back to a familiar place to get refreshed.

Another commonality that I have come across, is writing down your goals. If you want to be successful, then you MUST write down your goals regularly, see your goals daily, and think about your goals constantly. The premise behind all of this is to get yourself in the mindset that you not only deserve your goals, but that they are possible to achieve, and that everything that you are doing will be done in order to try to reach those goals. Being able to visualize everything that you want to try to achieve makes achieving it so much more possible. An example that I like the best is having a picture of someone that you wish you would be able to be in a relationship with. If you have their picture somewhere you will see it everyday beside a picture of you when you are out of shape, your brain will tell you that they don’t belong together and it will help make you lose weight. This type of thing will work with just about anything. If you want to own a new sports car, look at a picture of it everyday and you will slowly work towards getting that car. I’m not saying that you will get it without any other effort, but by seeing it you will naturally have that in mind and will work harder to try and achieve that. Any of the dreams that you have are possible, as long as you believe that you can do them, and you work towards them.

The most important theme that have come across, and probably the one that seems the most like it should be common sense, is to never stop educating yourself. Whether we are learning more about our careers that we are already in, the hobbies that we enjoy doing, ways to increase our finances, or maybe just something we were curious about, continuing to educate ourselves is crucial to being more successful. By constantly learning new things, we are allowing our brain to get stronger and healthier. Just like any other muscle in our body, if we do not exercise and challenge our brain then it will seize to work to its full potential. Something that I have grown to tell my children on a regular basis is that we need to make sure that we go to bed smart, better, stronger, than we were when we woke up. Reading on a daily basis, playing challenging games, hanging around people who have different skills than we do; all of these things can help us grow and become the best that we can be.

There are still many things that we can continue to do to that many of the most successful people do regularly but I think that by being able get great at the things above, then all of the rest will fall into place. So as you go on throughout your days and you are wanting to see past that wall in front of you, write down your goals, focus on them regularly, stick to your routines and schedules, and constantly learn new things, that wall will quickly become nothing but a hurdle to jump over.



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