Why do our fears hold us back

How many times have you really wanted to try to do something but when its times to go and do it, a little voice in the back of your head prevents you from taking action? I find that this type of thing happens to be a lot more regularly than I would want to admit.  I’m slowly making progress when it comes to nipping that little voice in the butt, but it still haunts me. Over the last two years I have taken some fairly big leaps towards getting out of my comfort zone and going against that little voice in my head and I don’t regret one of those decisions. So why do we continue to have this thing telling us to be affraid, when really, by just acting on those initial thoughts do we rarely get hurt. For me, the biggest issue that I have, is talking with people that I don’t know. Sometimes even going into certain stores to return a product can be stressful to me. I know that I literally have nothing to be affraid of or to cause me to be nervous, but there is a little thing inside of my mind telling me that I may have some sort of altercation. Now when it comes to something that may actually cause some kind of physical threat, I usually don’t have that much of a hard time doing it.

Whatever it is that might be holding us back from doing something, we need to remember that it’s usually all in our heads. Most things that are available to us, have been done and tested so many times that we can stop listening to that subcontious voice and really listen to our instincts that are telling us to get out there and try something new. There is so much available to us that it’s a complete shame that so many of us are held back because of some superficial fear. We need to continue to push the envelope in our lives, get outside of our comfort zone every single day and learn how to grow regularly. The more that we can see that the fears living within us usually have no consequences, the more we will be willing to push beyond our comfort zone. The more that we can escape our comfort zone and experience new things, the more we will grow into success.

No one on their death bed has ever said that they regret not spending more time in the office, and they wish that they had never enjoyed the many experiences in their life. Don’t let the fears living within you, hold you back from living a life full of excitement and experiences.

For more on overcoming your fears, check out this article that can give you some step by step pointers.


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