Have you ever felt lost?

What is it that we are all looking for in the world? I know that there are many days when I don’t quite feel that I am doing enough with my life. We all make our lives the way that we want them, and some of us even go farther trying to find that thing that really makes us love every second. I have to be honest, I don’t think that it’s possible some days. But other days I am overly optimistic. Everything I read says that if you follow a specific routine, or do certain things then you will be able to become as happy as you possibly can. I’m not quite sure if that is correct. A lot of people are also looking for a perfect work life balance, or they think that once they have a certain amount of money then they will be content and happy. There is a study that shows that once someone is making approximately $70k then the amount of money they make above and beyond that will not change how happy they are.

I know that there are many people smarter and have more experience than myself, but what I have found so far in my life, that the only time that I find myself happy is when I am not only doing something that I love but also doing something that makes a difference or brings happiness to someone else’s life as well. See, humans are generally selfish. Sometimes we will get the feeling of happiness when we are being selfless and only thinking about helping others but without ensureing that we are taking care of ourselves at the same time, we can’t truly help others. Also on the flip side of that, if we are being 100% selfish and only out to benefit ourselves, eventually everyone around us will despise or resent everything that we do or have which will leave us feeling lonely and depressed.

When it comes down to it, there really isn’t one sure fire way of finding out what we are supposed to be doing with our lives. There are too many people with too many different view points and too many possibilities. So as for myself the only thing that I can do it to experiment with as many different things as I can to see which works, do things that I love doing, and give back in as many ways as I can so that I can compare everything that I find to see what works out the best for me. For those of us that have families and other people that rely on us, it becomes a bit more difficult because of the considerations of how those close to us feel as well. In these situations I think that its just a matter of being with someone who is capable of sharing some of the same interests along with having interests of their own. People who are too similar or too different tend to end on a collision course of either being sick of those same things over and over, or annoyed that they don’t enjoy anything the same.

So to summarize, do what you love, share it with people that you love, and experiment with everything that others love. Hopefully by following these three things, you can find yourself on a path of fulfillment enjoying everything that this amazing world has to offer.

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