If You Aren’t Willing To Fail, You Won’t Succeed

There are so many time during our lives that we hesitate to take action. Whether we do it because we are scared of the unknown, or because we are affraid of what other may think of us, or because we are afraid of failing. Whatever the reason is, if we want to move ahead in this life, then we need to be willing to experience failure just as much if not more than we experience success.


To often, we are presented opportunities that we choose not to take, because our mind comes up with a calculated reason not to. Little do we know that our minds aren’t really the best at calculating odds. Our brains have been prepositioned to always error on the side of caution. We think that it is safer to stick with the things that we already know because at one point in human existence, change often led to death. Well as you know, we no longer live in ice age, and the things that we are worried about, only live in our minds.

Lets think about this for a minute; when was the last time that you failed at something and your world came crashing down around you? Very rarely in the society that we live in, does the worst actually happen. Unless you decide to take everything you have in life and gamble it at the casino, or spend everything on drugs, you most likely have nothing to worry about. If you want something then go after it. If for some reason you end up broke and have to sell your home and move into something smaller, at least you have learned a few things to try and avoid the next time you try something. And the next time you try it, you will get better, and better, until one time things will go perfectly and you will end up in a situation better than you had originally been.


Now something that we should think about is: what do you actually consider to be a failure? Is failing something that you try for the first time, you are able to finish it but end up coming in last, or maybe don’t finish and only get half way though? Take running a marathon for example. Lets say that you to on this task of running a marathon, you trained every day for a year coming up to the event, and when the day finally comes, you are only able to make it half way through before your body gives out. Did you fail? Well it depends on how you look at it. Did you fail to complete the whole thing? Yes. But did you learn how to run a half of a marathon? Yes. Did you learn what it takes to grow from when you first started training until that point? Yes. And you had probably learned a dozen other things along the way as well. So you continue to train, and learn and grow so that the next year you get even closer, or maybe even finish it, and the year after that you make even more progress.


The point is, is that if we don’t take the initial leap to go out of our comfort zone and risk that failure, then there is no possible way for us to grow at all. We can not change, grow, succeed, or accomplish anything if we do not go out and try. No matter how much we sit around hoping that one day success is going to fall into our laps, it isn’t going to happen. You have to be willing to try new things, over and over again, learning how to get better with every failure, and one day before you know it, success will jump right out at you. It’s actually a lot closer than you think, as long as you are willing to push past whatever bubble you have placed yourself in.



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