Why You Should Help As Often As You Can


So this morning while I was cleaning up the yard a little bit, I had noticed a rabbit was caught in the fence. It was frantically trying to escape and I’m sure that my dog was not making it any more relaxed. So after putting the dog inside, I was able to go over and help squeeze the rabbit the rest of the way through the fence. It had lost a bit of fur, and I had noticed that it was a little bit scratched up but over all it seemed to get away unharmed. (If you want to check out the video go to https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=jzr9wTyR3Vo )

So after helping out this rabbit, I was inspired me to write this post. I definitely can’t say that I am the most generous person that I know, but I do like to try to help those around me as much as I can. Whether it be to give a homeless person $100, or even holding a door open for someone, being of service to those other people around us will not only help them, but bring a little bit a ease to your own heart as well. I have found that giving back, in whatever form you can, has an effect on us that can’t be duplicated with anything else. I don’t know if I should call it a sense of pride, or accomplishment or whatever, but knowing that you have been able to make at least that one persons day, just a little bit better is a great feeling.


Back in October, I was lucky enough to be able to attend an event in San Diego called Thrive:Make Money Matter ( Attendthrive.com ) If you truely want to be inspired to do something great, then I highly encourage you to get to that event. The room is filled with hundreds of people who are driven towards success and being able to make a difference with the money that they make. On top of the great speakers and a stellar venue, every cent of profit that was made from the event was used towards building schools around the world with a “For PurPose” business called Pencils Of Promise ( https://pencilsofpromise.org ) Also on top of the profits being donated, the attendees pooled together and donated another $28000 + to build a school as well. Leaving San Diego that weekend, I was more inspired than I had ever been in my life. Which catapulted me into the journey I am currently on.


Something that I have said many times, is that it doesn’t matter what you do during your life, as long as when you go, you have left it a better place than it was when you got here. No one can live an absolute perfect life. We all screw up, make mistakes, and hurt those around us from time to time. But when we make a conscious effort to resolve those issues, and become a better person the next time that senerio comes up, then we will be going on the correct path.

It’s actually a lot easier to give back than you may think. I know that many people, including myself at times, have a difficult time sparing money to give to those in need. The thing is, those people who are actually in a need, don’t just need money. One thing that I can say for sure, is that money does not fix all problems. Billions of dollars are donated every year to charities around the world, yet very rarely do we see drastic changes in the way many people are living. See, a majority of the world, still doesn’t have access to clean water, basic necessities, or an education. We might not be able to get clean water to those people, or give them all clothing or shelter, but we can all teach them something. So whether it is to help someone who lives thousands of miles away or on the street downtown, we all have something that we can offer/teach to those in need.


As I said at the beginning of this post, I am not the most generous person that I know, but if I don’t make this promise now then I am just being hypocritical, so going forward, I will also make an even greater effort to give back as much as I can, teach those who want to learn, help feed those who are hungry, help clothe those who are cold, and support those who need someone to lean on. I hope that you will join me.

Take care, and have a great day.

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