How You Can Improve Your Mood Quickly

Over the past couple of weeks I have started 3 or 4 different blog posts, got half way through writing them, and stopped. Each one, I have tried to go back to and continue  writing, but I never seem to be in the same mood to be able to finish it without BSing my way through, just to get it finished. I will leave them half done, not because I am too lazy to finish them, but to remind me of the moods that I have gone through that don’t seem to fit into how I believe my purpose for this site had started out as.

See, each one of the previous posts that I had started to write, all contained some type of negativity. One was complaining about how people can be flakey, another was about how things don’t always go our way. Although I did have a point behind each of those topic initially, as I wrote them, I noticed my mood start to change. I became more relaxed; not so frustrated about each situation, and I just didn’t feel the need to blab about those things any more. I have found that, although it seems to work emensly well with writing things down, giving certain situations time to cool off, especially frustrating situations, will allow your mind to become a lot more clear on your feelings. When you take the time to actually write down your frustrations, even when they have been festering within you for quite some time, you will start to become level headed and clear on how you should approach each issue.


I have heard this said many times in the last couple of years, but it literally wasn’t until this moment that I had realized how important journaling can be when it comes to growing, and  clearing your head. It all makes sense. I had tried it a few times, waking up first thing in the morning and spending Some time just writing down whatever came into my head but I think that because I didn’t see how it could benefit me, I didn’t invest to much of my time and energy pursuing it.

A tip that many people say to newly married couples is: Never go to bed angry. The reason being; every time that we leave our issues without resolve, the issues build and build deep inside of us until we can’t hold them in any more. So instead of dealing with the fairly insignificant issue immediately, they collaborate into something that might potentionally be relationship crushing, employment ending, or a handful of other negative things. We let things go a lot longer than they need to, and it happens a lot more often than it should. But a simple way to eleviate some of those stresses, is to simply write them down. If you can’t bring yourself to be able to talk out whatever  issues you are having, then you need to take some time and write them down. Writing helps materialize things so that you aren’t just thinking it, but you are seeing it as well. Once you have been able to look at it from another angle beside just inside of your mind, then you will be able to have a more clear view and maybe a different perspective on the issue. There have been many times when I would be in an arguement with someone over text message, and instead of pushing send, I would delete the nasty message that I had written. Almost always, the next one that I would write would be written in a more calm manner and usually it would be something to try to deescalate the argument

I personally find that my mood will change drastically from one day to the next, and as I had stated above, each time that I have started to write something just to vent opposed to staying in alignment with my mission, my words would be cut short and I would almost be forced to stop. We don’t have to carry these burdens around with us. We don’t have to let them erupt. We can make things easier for ourselves if we take a step away for a few minutes, get into our heads and write down whatever it is that we are feeling.. And this doesn’t have to be just about our problems in our lives. Writing down the positive things that we are experienceing, our goals, our dreams, our accomplishments. Writing all of these will all help us to really see who we are deep inside. It will help us to expand and become more aware of things that are going on around us, where we want to go, and how to get to those places.

When I had said above that I just realized how important journalling can be, I was dead serious. I wrote it down, I stopped for a minute considered what I had written and made a concrete decision that I will add it in as on of my regular rituals because I immediately recognized how powerful of a tool it can be. Also, I know that my moods are probably the biggest issue that I have to learn how to handle, so I will do whatever I can to help moderate them.

I had originally started out with a different title, and a different direction that I was planning on going with this post but writing down what we are thinking about can have an effect on us that we don’t expect to have. So with that being said, I challenge you to give it a try, and see if your mood changes.


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