Don’t Fear Change

Have you ever felt like you are waiting for something big to happen in your life or maybe waiting for that next step to appear, but then you look around and find that nothing else is coming? That feeling like you need to do something great or like a major shift is going to happen in your life, but instead, time just speeds by, the days roll into each other, soon weeks and months pass and you’re stuck waiting for something that’s never going to come. It’s at that exact time, when you find yourself looking for something in your life that isn’t there, and isn’t going to be, it’s in that moment that you need to make a decision. Will you decide to stay where you are with this feeling, or will you choose to break out of whatever it is holding you back, and get out there and take what it is you think you need?

I’ve had this feeling quite a few times in my life. I’d reach certain points and I hit that plateau, a flat spot where I’m not moving forward/up even though I need to be. These are the times that are usually the most difficult for many people to handle because they either get frustrated not knowing how to deal with these feelings, or people simply accept them and continue on a life that they don’t feel fulfilled in. Besides these two options, there is another that I will go for every time. It’s uncomfortable, it can be challenging, and to be honest it can be damn well scary. All that is required to get out of this feeling, is to make some changes.


Life is about always making changes. We weren’t put here to stay comfortable, grow old and die without ever knowing what we are actually capable of. I think that’s why, for me at least, I get this feeling like I’m waiting for something that I know isn’t coming. It’s my way of telling myself that it’s times for a change. It’s time to get out of my comfort zone, and try something, anything that will challenge me and help me rise above whatever flat line I have reached. We see these plateaus all around us. They happen in our diets and exercise, in our personal lives with our partners, and in our careers or businesses. No matter where we are in our lives, we will never be at the very top, there will always be something else to learn and new ways to do things. The day that we stop trying to climb that proverbial mountain, is the day that we might as well dig out own grave.

For the past couple of days that I have had this feeling, I haven’t been exactly sure what it is that I need to change or what I am going to change. I’ve made so many different changes within my life over the last couple of years that for me I am starting to love the challenges of change opposed to fearing them. I’ve accepted change to be a part of my life. Now, while I am changing, I’m forcing those around me to deal with the change as well, and not everyone can deal with change quite so easily. So although I’m sure that whatever it is that I decide I need to do will effect my family in some way, I know that it will be something that I know they won’t have a difficult time dealing with it. See, not all change has to be out of the ordinary or extreme. It can be something as simple as taking an hour each day to learn a new language, or instrument, or maybe just taking a walk every day after dinner. I have progressed quite a bit and am fairly happy with what I have been able to accomplish thus far. And I will alway be striving for more for myself and my family, but sometimes being able to see which are the times for drastic life changes and which are the times for simple improvements, can prevent a lot of strain on yourself and your relationships.

With change comes growth, with growth comes experience, and experience leads to success. We will never be able to reach our massive goals that we might set for ourselves without starting somewhere. The best place to start is by looking at those who have reached where you want to be, and start to make changes in your life to emulate those others. If you want to help others, you wont do so by being selfish and greedy. If you want to loose weight, you won’t do that by eating crap food and sitting on your couch watching television. If you want to become wealthy, that will not happen from spending your money gambling and buying every new piece of tech that comes out. If you want something different in your life, you will not be able to get it without first realizing that you need to make a change in some way or another. Now, I understand that many people are completely satisfied with their lives and how they are living, but for those who say that they are, they should have absolutely nothing to complain about. Complaining means that something can be better, and things dont get better without change. Everything we have has come from change, and everything that you might want, will come from change. Don’t fear the things that are different, embrace them, let them into your life, go out and make change happen, but PLEASE don’t let the days continue to race by.

Carpe Diem (seize the day)

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