My Definition of Strength

Today I was given the opportunity to visit my Grandfather, on what appears to be one of the last days of his life. Other than being able to say my goodbyes before he has passed, I said that it was an opportunity because today I was able to see a strength that I may not have quite appreciated up until now. Today, I was able to see and truely appreciate how strong my mother and how amazing of a person she is. Today I was able to see the strength that she has, to put her life on hold to take care of her dying father; to lay beside him while he is struggling to breathe, telling him that it’s okay to move on; to be at his side for days on end so that he will not have to die alone. These are qualities of a strong person, and I am extremely proud that I have a mother who is so caring.

Watching my mother today I realized that these strengths aren’t the strengths of a daughter taking care of a father, but of a mother taking care of her father. I now see these strengths in all of the mothers in my life, and I have been shown that it’s not a matter of a mother just caring for her children, but of everyone around them. These are things that many men have difficulty with and although everyone has their own strengths, I hope that some day if the time comes that I need to care for someone as my mother has taken care of her father, I hope that I’ll be able to give even 1/2 of the support that I have seen her show.

Mothers, always have a way of taking away our pain, easing our minds and giving us just the right amount of love. It doesn’t seem to matter whether you are her child or not, when a mother sees someone in need, they will be there to guide, care for, and help in whichever way she can.  We have a day in May that is supposed to be just for mothers, but one day isn’t even close enough to be able to show the love that we should be giving all mothers throughout our lives. I just want to say thank you to my mother again for everything that she does. I love you and you make me proud.

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