Lessons from a great man’s passing


Earlier this evening, my family lost the man that began it all, my Grandfather. I have many things that I could say to pay tribute to such an amazing  and strong man, but I think that they would be best kept for those who knew him best. Instead I wanted to talk about how the time coming up to his passing has affected me.

I believe that once we reach a certain age, we are all somewhat able to except the fact that death is upon us but it’s those around us that may not yet have the same feeling. There are many different stages of emotions once those whom we love start to deteriorate more quickly than we may have hoped. There is anger, denial, sadness, and fear. But many of us fail to see past the horizon to the possibility of something great from such an event.

When some are mourning the passing of such a great patriarch of our family, I am looking at all that has happened over the past years and seeing how things and people have changed and grown. We need to see the lessons to be learnt from even the saddest of situations. Instead of mourning his death, we should be celebrating his life and all that he has done for so many of us. Bring the lessons that he has taught us back to the front of our mind. Although we have lost a leader, we are strengthing the bonds between each other; mending the connections that have been broken; and growing to be the strongest people that we can be. His death is allowing us to do these things.

See death has a way of changing people. It makes us stronger, smarter, kinder, more giving and compassionate. It brings us together and allows us to forget the pains that have been keeping us apart. It allows us to see what kind of people we really are and what kind of people we want to be. Some people say that when someone close to us dies, we lose a piece of ourselves. I think that when someone close to us dies, the pieces of us that they affected will grow bigger and stronger because they are all we have left.

So many people fear death, and not just those who are dying, but also those supporting that person. We don’t fear death because of the pain that it may bring, but because of the unknown. We don’t know what’s next. We are afraid that we will forget the lessons, or the person themselves. We are afraid of change and growth. I don’t think that we should fear death at all, but instead fear having regret at our death. To many of us wait until it’s too late before we decide to live our lives and when death is knocking at our door, we are full of regret.

There is something great that can come from the loss of a loved one, but it’s up to us to make sure that we are looking for it. Remember the lessons, the good times, the games, and fun. Connect with those whom you’ve lost touch with. Share, give back and change the life of those around you. Use the loss of someone that you love to make a change that wouldnt have happened otherwise.

We all have a story, and every story needs to have an ending. It’s up to us to decide how that ending will go.

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