Happiness is success. Success is happiness.

What exactly is success? Is there a certain point that we reach in our lives and finally become successful? If so, how do we know that we’re there? I honestly don’t think that success is even a true thing…well to an extent.

Every day, we all wake up, go through our morning routine, begin our day, whatever that may look like, and usually we finish it off with the same routine that we have each night. We all have this “idea” of what success is but we never really get there. We tell ourselves that once we earn X amount, or have a certain size home, drive a certain car, or become friends with so and so, that’s when we will become successful. For those of us who are lucky enough to achieve those things, new goals and desires come up and we begin working towards getting those. So when does it all end? Is there an end to success or is it just something that we make up in our minds.

I think that in life, every single person has the ability to be successful as long as they choose to be. Everyone who wakes up each morning and believes that they are successful, has instantly achieved it. Success is simply a decision. Its a decision to do something. A decision to finish a task, or even to just take on a task. Its a never ending driving force that keeps pushing us forward.

Success is ONLY what we see in ourselves. Every person has a different idea of what success is. Something that means the world to one person can be a disaster to another. Why do so many of us decide that success is something that purely rests on the ideas of other people? Every other person in this world and their idea of what success is, should have no bearing on whether or not you believe you are successful or not; not your spouse, not your children or parents, not your friends, coworkers or boss. YOU are 100% in control of your own success. You get to choose when you are successful, no one else.

Now to the inverse of this, failure is on the exact same wavelength. Only we can decide if we are failures or not. There are many things that I have done in my life that I did not finish completely. Does that make me a failure? Hell NO. My life and everything that I do in life isn’t a race against anyone, except for myself.

Every opportunity that comes is not a success or failure but a lesson. Our lives are surrounded by things that were once said to be impossible. Many people who had tried those things may have told themselves that they were failures for not doing them, but there were others that tried and overcame whatever obstacles were in their way. And there were even more people who accomplished the task or improved the product more so than the first. So when does the success or failure begin or end?

Success comes when we make a decision for ourselves that we have done as much as we can AND be happy with the outcome. I think that too many people forget that last part. Happiness is success. Success is happiness. If we can wake up each day and be completely happy with where we are in our lives, then, and only then should anyone be able to say that they are truly a success. All that takes is a decision to be happy with every situation that is put in front of them. It’s an ongoing process, that takes a lifetime of work but it’s possible for each of us to achieve.

For those who have been taught throughout their lives that if they aren’t “winning” or if they don’t have the very best “stuff” then they are a failure, those teachings were wrong. They are common teachings handed down from generation to generation from people striving to be envied by everyone or trying to feel accepted by those who have more than them. Unfortunately this way of thinking isn’t a reality and no matter the amount of objects or trophies that someone might obtain, those objects will not ever bring them happiness. Now some might argue that these things do bring them happiness but generally that feeling of “happiness” is just a temporary fix and those people will have to continually get bigger and newer “things” to stay “happy”.

A simple decision, made consistently is all that it takes to be successful and happy. A decision to be over the top excited about everything that we already have in our lives, is all that it takes to be successful. Please don’t get me wrong, it’s important to work hard, push yourself, achieve as much as you can and to try to make this world a better place. All of those things will help us to live an easier life. But it’s the voice within us that decides whether we will be thankful for what we have or envious of what we see others with.

We need to make the decision every day to wake up, knowing that what we have is more than enough, the effort that we give is our very best, and that we are successful in every aspect of life because we have chosen to be, not because someone else has said that we are. Every one of us is a success, we just have to believe that we are.

4 thoughts on “Happiness is success. Success is happiness.

    1. I’m so happy to hear that it hit home ☺️.

      So many people strive for things that may not be unattainable but are so without an immense amount of work, and because of this they have expectations of life that just aren’t realistic for themselves. I find that when we really dig deeply into ourselves and find out what truly makes us happy then everything else is unnecessary, for the most part and there is no point in trying to please anyone who doesn’t have that same agenda in mind.

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